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My name is Martina. I am the founder and owner of 360 Learning Academy. Opening 360 has been my dream for a long time. Having experienced some frustrations in my own high school learning, I have become very passionate about providing students the tools necessary to succeed. I, along with my terrific team, believe that each student learns uniquely. We place a very high value on discovering how each student learns best. We utilize that feedback to ensure that we facilitate our instruction based on each student’s individual learning style.  My passion is to equip students with skills for lifelong learning. I experience my greatest moments of fulfilment as I see my students gain confidence not only in specific subject matter, but in who they are and what they can accomplish. I live for those ‘Aha!’ moments. They forever transform what students believe about themselves and often change the trajectory of their future goals. Things that seemed impossible are now within reach.   I have gathered other instructors that share these same values and passion. We truly enjoy what we do and we look forward to meeting you. Read more…

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