I have had such a positive experience working with Martina. My grade in math has improved greatly as well as my confidence in my abilities and I couldn’t have done it without her. She is amazing. She truly cares about every student who walks through the door and that is what sets her and the 360 Learning Academy apart from other tutoring programs. Thanks Martina!
– Kate Holowaty (Gr.12 Student)

My grade in Math went from a C to an A. My math skills have improved incredibly in the past year, but even my confidence in doing Math has improved the most. I feel comfortable doing regular Math now, and I don’t dread going to Math class every day.
– Amy Main (Gr. 9 Student)

Over the past few years, the tutoring I have received from 360 Learning Academy has had a huge impact on my math marks. I have had numerous tutors from the company who have all been outstanding! When I started getting help with math I hated the subject and dreaded math class. As the years have gone by I have grown to not just understand math, but love it! The way they explained the concepts made it easy to understand over time! I am grateful for the tutoring I have received and would recommend it to anyone struggling with their math!
– Jasper Pankratz (Gr.11 Student)

Moving to Penticton at age 17 was a very big move for me. Not only for hockey to play for the Vees, but for school as well. In my 1st semester I was enrolled in Math 12, and after a span of a month and a half I was already weeks behind in the course from being away from school for hockey trips. My math class was every day, so every day I would miss I would get to be more and more behind everybody else. It was then that I was introduced to Martina from Ryan Johansen to help me with my math work. I was so far behind, and Martina pretty much taught me all of math 12 over a span of two months. She was awesome with me, always so nice and happy to see me just to help me pass the course in order to carry out my scholarship. She put her own plans to the side to meet with me in the morning, afternoon, and evening depending on how my schedule was with hockey. She was very understanding and I can confidently say she was the best teacher and tutor I have ever had before. She not only taught me the material, but also taught me about work ethic and practice. I owe Martina everything to have helped me get to where I am today with school.
– Joey LaLeggia (Gr. 12 Student)